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Event Register

For details of our next event please click here..
Registering for this event is not mandatory but we'd love to have some idea on how many people to expect so we can let others know for catering purposes etc. If you are planning on coming along, please fill in the form below. 

Register below for the 2024 Event! 
If you would like to VOLUNTEER for the 2024 Event you will need to fill in a different form which can be found HERE
If you are not riding, you do not need to register.
Your E-Mail will NOT be used for junk E-Mails, we may contact you with any updates regarding the event (About 5 e-mails a year)
Your E-Mail will NOT be shared with anyone else.
Which event do you plan to attend? With the MAIN event being on Sunday


By participating in the Salvos South West Charity Toy Ride
you do so at your own risk.
If you are new to group riding visit the Capel Riders Website for great tips on how to ride in a group safely - if you are nervous in a big group feel free to stick towards the back of the group, or even volunteer on the day as Traffic Marshels usually ride in front of the event.
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